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Illustration: Zodiac Signs Stars

ID 16994605 © Igordabari |

Universe / Space astronomy / astrology abstract background / backdrop illustration: twelve Zodiac constellations and signs / symbols. Twelve images of Zodiac constellations are arranged in 12-panels picture. Each of twelve image is of 2447x1800 pixels in size (in maximum version) and contains: 1) symbol for given constellation as a watermark; 2) constellation name written in the low right corner; 3) picture of star sky area as it looks at the real night sky with stars whose brightness, colors and positions correspond to real stars; 4) lines that connect brightest stars in the constellation forming an image that corresponds to the constellation name. Image can be used as a whole set. Also any subimage can be exctracted and used separately. Other pictures for Zodiac and non-Zodiac constellations can be found in files with ID's: 16961545, 16961693, 16961757, 16961794, 16961842, 16961898, 16962001, 16962155, 16962238, 16962312, 16962405, 16962495, 16962531, 16962617, 16962654, 16962673, 16962689, 16935285 and 16935269 Please note that there is also complete series of 12 images for the Zodiac signs whith the same content except for borders and inscriptions (ID's 17751219, 17751233, 17751252, 17751269, 17751282, 17751292, 17751303, 17751315, 17751325, 17751337, 17751344, and 17898383).



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Zodiac signs stars


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